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Quilt MakingKids Connect Time


Children and Youth ages 3 through middle school - 10:45 am


Faith Formation is at the very heart of the

church. The people of God, gathered in community,

grow in faith and in the ability to live out their faith

in daily life. This faith formation is the life-long,

ongoing process by which every Christian, young or

old, answers their baptismal call to follow Jesus.


Following Jesus – living the faith is being on a

journey. The journey begins in baptism and ends

with entrance into the promised eternal life.
People on the journey are always in the process of

becoming. Communities of faith become what God

Cleaning Up Neighborhoodhas intended them to be. Individual Christians

become what God has called them to be – fully

formed disciples of Jesus Christ.


Children grow in the faith by the intentional action of

parents, pastors, teachers and other members of

the faith community.


Children and youth from Preschool (age 3) through

Middle School gather each Sunday to read and learn

the stories of the Bible, to grow in faith, to ask

questions, to explore what it is to follow Jesus, and

to discover how to put their faith into action in their

daily lives, within the congregation, and through

community service projects.


Our Sunday Kid Connect starts with our children,
youth, and adults gathering at 10:30 for food and

fellowship. We all share a song. Then the children

and youth go off for their Kids Connect time. The

adults and high schoolers are invited to join in a study

based on the Bible texts chosen for the day.



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SERVICES: Sunday morning 9:30 AM


ADULT BIBLE STUDIES: Sunday morning 10:45 AM



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