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stweardshipWe are a church that shares a living, daring confidence

in God’s grace — our congregations are evangelical

mission centers where courageous and wise stewards

are grown. Congregational stewardship begins with

a healthy understanding of gratitude and generosity.

We have first received and therefore we give.


Developing a culture of gratitude and generosity is

the focus for growing stewards in many congregations.

Through the study of Scripture, we develop a trust

in God’s abundance and strive to be faithful disciples

and stewards. The formation of these stewards is

a lifelong journey, and one in which we accompany

each other.



Prayer Over Pledge Cards
Gracious and loving God, giver of all that is good and

true and beautiful and life-giving. These cards represent

our sweat, they represent our lives, they represent our

dreams. The pledges which we make on them are but

tokens of the awesome gifts that have been given to us

and they are pledged in thanksgiving for all we have

received, for all we have been inspired to be, for all we

are challenged to become, in this place. May they be the

first fruits of all we have and not what we have left over,

so that we may live out as closely as possible how you

give to us. May we see them as our offering to you,

sacred, holy, yet earthy, filled with possibilities. May we

hold this image in our hearts and minds so as we watch

our offerings each week come to your table, we can see

our very selves being part of this offering, it is us on the

table, living sacrifices to you.
The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel
Diocesan Bishop
Diocese of Olympia






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SERVICES: Sunday morning 9:30 AM


ADULT BIBLE STUDIES: Sunday morning 10:45 AM



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