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First Lutheran Church Endowment Fund


Through the legacy gifts of many, the First Lutheran Church Endowment Fund provides vital financial support to the ministry of First Lutheran Church.
The Endowment Fund continues to provide energy and financial resources to First Lutheran Church as it lives out its mission to celebrate, discover and share the love of Jesus Christ in our community and the world beyond.

  • Symbolizes a deeply felt response to God’s Grace
  • Is a testimony to faith and values
  • Represents careful planning and prayerful consideration
  • Can provide income, financial security and tax savings to a donor and family or heirs
  • Will be invested to grow in perpetuity to contribute to future generations
  • Helps ensure the continuation of key programs and protect the church
    from adverse circumstance.


Ways to make a Legacy Gift


A gift of any size is significant. A legacy Gift can be structured to benefit the donor or the Endowment Fund during the donor’s lifetime, or to benefit the Endowment Fund at the death of the donor. Some examples are listed below.


  • Bequest in your will or trust:
    • The most common gift.


  • Life income gifts:
    • Charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts can provide income for life for you or a person you designate, with the remainder
      benefiting charity.


  • IRAs and 401K Retirement Plans:
    • Charitable donations through beneficiary designations may provide
      important tax savings to your estate and heirs.


  • Stocks, bonds, real estate and property:
    • Property that has appreciated allows a tax deduction for the current
      market value without  incurring tax on the capital gain


Become a Legacy Partner


The First Lutheran Church Endowment Fund invites you to consider a Legacy Gift as a personal expression of your faith and values.
If you are interested in making a planned gift, we encourage you to contact us. Your gift may be used to establish a new fund within the endowment or to augment an existing fund. We will be pleased to assist you in your planning. We especially ask you to contact us if you are considering a gift for a specified purpose or in memory of someone, so that we can be certain your intentions are understood.


If you already have a Legacy Gift in place, please inform us so that we may thank you for your generosity and recognize you as a Legacy Partner.


Other gift planning resources are provided by the ELCA Foundation.


Legal and Financial Consultation:
Planned gifts have important tax and legal implications for donors.
We encourage you to consult with your legal and financial advisers in determining the most appropriate charitable giving plan.




How your legacy gift can make a difference



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